Life Appreciation

From the spring of 2015 through now, the summer of 2016, I have kept a little journal of daily experiences for which I am grateful. After bringing home much of my office contents to clean out for a radiothon, which, it turns out, was totally unnecessary (the cleaning, not the fundraising), I lost it! That was approximately June 25, 2016. Effectively, I have gone over a month without writing in my daily appreciation journal, and I know that has resulted in a loss of chronicling beautiful little memories that I might never get back.

So, here’s to starting one digitally, because this one will be much harder to lose.

To check daily entries of little gems that I find in my daily life, just for fun, click on the corresponding category 🙂

I know those are bad instructions, but I haven’t figured out how the interface works and therefore cannot provide instructions yet. Hopefully I will remember to update this page once I figure it out.