About Me

You’ve never seen a harder working child than I was when it came to writing. Before I was literate, I’d sit for unbelievable stretches of time, dutifully squiggling lines on paper, pretending to write a novel. I got my hands on a typewriter shortly after and wrote a series titled The Dancing Chinese Noodle. It was a big hit with the parents and family friends.

I then tried my hand at journalism and publishing; spying on the neighbors of our cul-de-sac, chronicling their lives on our home computer, printing a self-published newspaper called The Anytime (daily, weekly or monthly was too much of a commitment at age 9), and selling that journalistic gold right back to them for entire quarters per issue.

Since then, writing has been ebbing and flowing as I move ever-forward through the tribulations of young professional self-identity. I currently work as an editor for a group of tourism publications in the Hawaiian Islands—but hope to return to university for an advanced degree in English and start a new career in college-level education next fall.

I hope that keeping a blog helps hone my writing skills in preparation for this new path, keeps me focused on the interests most dear to me and, maybe, reignites my passion for spying on my neighbors.

Relax, it’s a joke. Put the phone down.


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