I wouldn’t call myself a ‘gamer’ anymore these days, as people have all kinds of different, hardcore expectations of anyone with such a label — so let’s just say I dabble, and have been dabbling for nearly 30 years, since game-dabbling was invented.

My first button-mashing experience killed my sister’s character in Might and Magic when she’d gotten up from the family Sega Genesis to – gasp – use the restroom. How dare she take even a moment’s break?

From then on, I was hooked.

I’m mostly a city- and house-builder, MMOer and RPGer, raiding the occasional tomb and racing the occasional ricer. I also play MUDs (text-based multi-user dungeons) and platform games — but no one ever loved me enough to introduce me to the Super Smash Bros franchise.

Here’s what I’ve stopped to take screenshots of so far: