I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, because the title alone invokes many different assumptions by other parties; most of the time resulting in disappointment on the part of the judge if the person is not over-the-top in their gaming conviction.

However, I grew up on video games in a way that is certainly uncommon for a girl/young woman my age, and I never acknowledged how unique and privileged I was to have that luxury. I also never realized how the types of games I spent time playing contributed to my personality (as well as knowledge and understanding of how the world and its inhabitants operate). Of course, that is always my go-to reason for knowing a variety of words synonymous with “knife” and “sword,” as well as many strange emotes like “chortle” and various types of armor uncommon for modern day.


Now that I am 30, and the world has now been exposed to what the future holds in terms of gaming, VR and exceptional digital storytelling, I’m happy to 1) admit that gaming is and should remain part of who I am today, and 2) share my gaming journey with the world. World/internet.

I’m a PC gamer. Dare I even refer to this breed commonly referenced as the “master race?” I always have been, and who knows if I likely always will be? A friend heading Occulus VR recently revealed their device can practically transport you to destinations worldwide to provide a luxury-travel experience, so as soon as I can afford that without selling any limbs of my own or of loved ones, I am ON IT.

Links to thoughts and reviews on currently played games (intended) to follow.