Childhood Authors

I was a bookworm growing up and while I avoided a lot of the mainstream classics (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), I was an avid reader of author authors like Tamora Pierce (The Song of the Lioness), Brian Jacques (Redwall) and Jane Yolen (The Pit Dragon Chronicles). These authors shaped my taste for novels today.

As a teenager, I sought every book of Dan Brown‘s I could manage and devoured them all in just a few months, leading up to halfway through Deception Point (which was just not captivating enough to finish). I then had a brief affair with the works of Nora Roberts, my first and last glimpse at romance novels—unless you count the eroticism of Anne Rice‘s The Vampire Chronicles—before diving into historical novels by Bernard Cornwell.

Finally (after failing to commit to Robert Jordan, to whom I will eventually return), I discovered Orson Scott Card and the Ender’s Game series and the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

Sadly, for an English major, I really have not spent time in the classics. I guess I’m more of a pop culture fan, probably due to the immense draw of fantasy and science fiction. Also, strangely enough, I haven’t had much experience in non-fiction works at all—but that’s about to change (I wrote in 2015).

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