Even though I know better

I am that person who gives the best advice. Now, I’m wondering if anyone who gives advice thinks their advice is best otherwise they wouldn’t give it, but let’s just assume that I do – just to contrast what I’m about to admit: Sometimes I know what I should do, and not only do I not do that thing, but I choose not to because there’s a teeny tiny mischievous voice inside that says, “But it’ll be a fun challenge if you don’t.”

My library books for my university are overdue, and I’m missing one. This could result in a hold on my registration and while that’s a major penalty, way out of proportion for the offense, I knew that it was a potential consequence. I thought of this consequence when I saw the book floating around my desk over the last two months; on the floor, on various shelves, and I thought: “I should really put that in a specific place so I don’t lose it.”

Cue tiny voice: “But it will be chaos if you don’t. You can handle that.”


Now I have to search under furniture and really have nowhere else to look. No idea where it is. If I get my Spring registration put on hold because I couldn’t find this library book, I mean… that’s like Tywin Lannister getting crossbowed in the latrine. It’s pathetic, and just what I deserve.

And now, case in point, in addition to not knowing where the book is, I also took out my laptop to make this post about this odd behavior instead of committing to look for it… which I will do now.

edit: Boyfriend had my book in his bag this whole time. Little voice of chaos learns nothing.

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