Sims 4: My Childhood Home

I have to show off here for a minute, because while I am not a total master of the Sims 4 Building Tools, I can get pretty damn close to the exact replication of places I know intimately — namely, the house I grew up in.

03-25-18_10-19-06 PM
From inside the horseshoe-shaped property at the kitchen exterior
03-25-18_10-16-59 PM
Mom’s home office
03-25-18_10-17-16 PM
Mom’s office waiting room with the recreational hallway behind, and the family study at the bottom left
03-25-18_10-17-23 PM
The living room and my childhood bedroom wouldn’t fit linearly on the plot, but making it work
03-25-18_10-17-30 PM
Parents’ bedroom, complete with massive bookshelves, home office space, and tiny couch where I sat to watch TV after a shower and killed the bird I forgot I was rescuing
03-25-18_10-18-00 PM
Aunt and Uncle’s garden outside their annex, home to many pre-salted slugs
03-25-18_10-17-54 PM
Aunt and Uncle’s living room, with karaoke machine, accurately upholstered couches, indoor plants and painting easel
03-25-18_10-18-27 PM
Aunt and Uncle’s bedroom, where I once staged a break-in for absolutely no reason and haven’t heard the end of over 20 years later

There are many additional and better-angled screenshots I could upload, but you get the idea. This project was so accurately depicted, it blew my mother’s mind when I sent her the images.

Fun fact: when she did eventually remodel the entire property, she did so according to plans drawn from a model of building blocks I constructed. The house turned out, unfortunately, quite true to my plans. A big, blocky, pink, stucco fortress.

I won’t be simulating that monstrosity.

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