Pokemon Hunting with Riley

That feeling has been creeping up on me lately: the feeling of an unbalanced work:life ratio. Our CEO actually addressed it once and said she felt like a healthy work:life balance was one by which you start the day off, for example, by having coffee with your coworkers and talking about non-work-related topics.

I have no desire to do that with my coworkers. Not entirely because I don’t like them, but because I don’t want to give them an opportunity to decide they don’t like me on a personal level, since I can’t stop them from judging me professionally.

So when my sister asked me to meet with her and my nephew for “15-30 minutes” in Kaka’ako, I said yes. Because, frankly, putting work first over and over trying to force myself to grow professionally is really just not healthy, and the more I understand that, perhaps the smarter decisions I will make for myself overall.

So I spent the next 40 minutes doing this:


And it was so worth it.

Even though he’s a small, crazy person. Loud and powerful, like my sisters, it was definitely the right decision. Highlight of the day, on this lucky 08-08-16.

Oh, my, and expect more family-related posts—as the season of family reunion has begun!

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