Where is the Everyday Editor?

I recently began a blog called Everyday Editing and it’s the first blog I’ve ever created that actually fills a niche—and I have created many with similar intentions. I signed up for a Blogging 101 “course.” It’s a push for community involvement, and it’s really opened the door to communicating with other bloggers, which I’ve never tried before.

It has immediately helped me realize that The Bitchy Editor is the blog I want to most love and nurture—at least publicly.

Especially since I’m not reading or traveling or doing anything of that nature for which my Elle for Life blog was established.

For those that are here because you clicked on my user profile to read my blog and found yourself on this one, please check out Everyday Editing! I’m having so much fun with it and I’d love to chat with you there.

Here’s the About Me that I posted on the Blogging 101 community page. It’s arguably more concise than the About Me page on my actual blog:

In real life, I’m an editor for a number of publications that are VERY HEAVY in the advertising department. One side effect of this is it makes me a nervous, rigid writer, apprehensive about taking risks. I’m hoping this blog will 1) bring the edge back into my writing and 2) help newcomers to the fields of copywriting and publishing.

My gimmick: being a bit abrasive.

My question for you fellow bloggers is… how much is too much?