National Puppy Day is a thing?!

This was great news! And I caught on just in time. It was actually March 23, but I’ll post it now for posterity. Here’s my puppy, Cooper: born May 9, 2013.

Doge CollageIsn’t he cute as a button? Best family companion ever. No regrets! I’ve honestly never seen my dad happier, which is sad for me but great for them—they’re best pals. Totally inseparable.

I swear I have pictures of puppy kisses and Dad flossing Cooper’s teeth, but these are the most recent (and conveniently on my phone right now) so this will have to do.


I think for Father’s Day or maybe Dad’s birthday I’ll make him a collage of all the candid shots I’ve taken of the two of them, or a doggy bobblehead, or a watercolor/pastel portrait of Coop—or the two of them together? Yes, it’s that adorable.

Dad, if you’re reading this, brace yourself for a dog-gone adorable gift.

Anyway, Happy National Puppy Day to all! If I could adopt more and give them all the life the Cooper leads, I would. It’s amazing how much attention and love a quality doggy life requires. It’s a shame that not all can get the treatment this guy gets. Greatest companions in the world.

I just hope Dad tones down the feeding so Coop can enjoy a nice long life with his best pal.

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