Because I need, nay, deserve a “Personal” section

Let’s not kid ourselves–sometimes our personal musings can be hilarious, or the result of a learning (the hard way) opportunity of which we’d like to take note, or both. Or sometimes, you make a bomb picture of yourself via PicMonkey and make it your new profile picture on Facebook and want to post it on your blog but realize you’ve only dedicated pages to reading (which you hardly ever do), traveling (which you can’t afford right now) and whatever the last thing was, which you don’t remember because you don’t do enough of it (it’s probably home cooking, if memory serves).

So here’s my supremely edited picture that I’d show off to fans, if I had any, because it’s better to write than to not write, and if that means a little tangent from my blog’s main purposes and a medium dose of narcissism, so be it.

I had to take a selfie when I put on these sweet sunglasses during the Passport to Luxury event at Ala Moana Center, to celebrate the purple coordination of my whole ensemble and miraculously my boyfriend’s as well. Then I edited the picture into oblivion via PicMonkey (everyone should use this) to take the glamour factor to 100. I pixelated my glasses so you couldn’t see my arm taking a selfie, added pink highlights (I have since become obsessed and vow to get them done for real this weekend) and put sunglare to block out the girl in the background–who’s actually a girl that works in my building on the same floor, whose name I’m always forgetting but am constantly running into at random events. It’s a small island.

You go, girl!

L tries on some sweet sunglasses during the Passport to Luxury (Honolulu) event at Ala Moana Center. Then edits the picture to death via PicMonkey (everyone should use this).


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