The Day Before V-Day

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Today, on Friday the 13th, I walked into my office to find a basket of carnations resembling a puppy with a bow in its hair and a Valentine’s Day Survival Guide, which was really more of a packing list than instructionsβ€”but it was adorable AF. Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a great day. +1000.

Valentine's Day 2015

Those little dogs are actually a gift from my cat-lady coworker, but they are too precious. For Valentine’s Day, she made my black pipe-cleaner dog, which resembles my real dog, a girlfriend.

Lucky for you after all the shenanigans you pulled yesterday/last night that you had this arrangement already planned. That, plus having a cute behind, will keep you out of the dog house this time. But next time, Gadget. Next time!!!

+10 points for specifying Hawaii Standard Time.